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I'm taking advantage of the break before tonight's show to explain in this short video what I'm going to teach you during these professional trainings. Whether it's a sport, a hobby or the desire to make a living out of your passion for Flair Bartending, I started like you did... by saying to myself "Life is short, I'm going for it!"



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Bartenders Beginners

Training courses for bartenders who wish to develop new skills in flair bartending.

Curious & Novices

Training courses adapted to people outside the bar world who wish to learn about the flair.

Confirmed Bartenders

Training courses adapted to flair bartenders who wish to progress to an excellent technical level.

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    They trusted me!

    "The flair classes I was able to practice with Anne-Lise helped me a lot. I was able to learn several routines in just two hours of online training. If I had been on my own, it would have taken me more than 6 months of training before I was able to do all the things I could do! It has taught me to be persistent and patient. A course that I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve quickly and with good advice."

    Clément Mixologist

    "Always in a good mood, Anne-Lise is an excellent coach in Flair Bartending! I recommend her without hesitation! Anne-Lise motivated me a lot, I learned to have coordination on my movements and sequences of the routines she proposes, a discipline that brought me a lot in my job!"

    Steve Flair Bartender beginner

    "I had some misconceptions about online courses and I was more than a beginner, I was watching online videos to know how to do a couple of things but I didn't know how to do anything. I took an online course with Anne-Lise with training spread over about a month and a half. From the beginning, she taught me a flair exhibition routine and for each class, I learned not only routines but also different tricks! I then wanted to focus on working flair so that I could practice behind the bar more quickly, which she taught me easily. I would go to a park to do a big hour of flair and the results would come! Thank you again Anne-Lise for your precise instructions which make it easy to progress!"

    Hugo Senior Barman

    "I am 21 years old and I am currently a barman. I discovered Anne-Lise on TikTok and that's when I fell in love with the discipline! I started to train on my own, but it was too complicated! So I decided to start taking online classes. Anne-Lise's classes helped me learn working fair, exhibition flair, stalls, rolls and much more. She coached me on my posture so that I could have a better rendering but also to become more comfortable in front of clients. The classes were intense, organised and comprehensive and I made real progress quickly. Now I practice working and exhibition flair routines in front of clients and I get a lot of pleasure and feeling when I see them looking at me. From the simple gesture to the complete routine I reproduce everything I have learned. And if I have any problems I know I can always contact @annelise_bartender7 who is always listening and encouraging me. Thanks to you Anne-Lise for introducing me to flair, dedicating your time and teaching me your craft."

    Cédric Beginning bartender

    "Anne-Lise is very pedagogical in her courses. She takes the time to explain, to transmit. She encourages and remains available when you need advice and this really motivates you to continue learning. In 3 months time, I have made good progress thanks to her and I always want to go further in my learning. With each new routine, I step out of my comfort zone and it's a source of pride to do them afterwards, with practice. I know I couldn't train with anyone else, she is the best! You can go with your eyes closed!"

    Sasha Advanced Bartender

    "She is a top teacher! Always smiling and in a good mood. I found Anne-Lise to be very pedagogical and professional. This is what allowed me to progress really quickly in flair!"

    Florian Advanced bartender